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Plum Jam

Time Time 50 min
Stopiń trudności Difficulty Medium
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Plum jam is like sunny days locked in a jar. Whatever the time of year, the aromas of October are patiently waiting to be unlocked. You can use plum jam in sponge cakes, shortbreads or with plain biscuits. Put it in a compotier, cover with cooled pudding and garnish with fresh fruit. You can also spread it on a slice of sweet bread and bake in an oven for 10 minutes.


  • 20 dag Cukier Królewski white sugar

    20 dag Cukier Królewski white sugar

  • half a cup water

    half a cup water

  • 1 kg plums, preferably damsons

    1 kg plums, preferably damsons


Step 1
Discard spoiled damsons, rinse thoroughly, drain or possibly dry so not a drop of water remains. Remove stems, halve, stone, put into a broad shallow saucepan, add add half a cup of water.
Step 2
Place the saucepan on a cooker or in a pre-heated oven and when juice appears, transfer to the cooker. Boil plums to a pulp, stirring continuously. Boil until the mass is thick.
Step 3
Add Cukier Królewski white sugar and stir it in. Boil for about 20 minutes, stirring continuously, until the paste stops sticking to the walls.
Step 4
Remove saucepan from heat, cover it and let rest until the next session. Simmer again, stirring, on the next day. Repeat on the following day; plum jam is best simmered for 3 days. Always ensure that the paste does not stick to the bottom.
Step 5
Transfer the hot jam into thoroughly washed and steamed or dry-heated jars, immediately close the lids. Store in a cool, ventilated place.