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Grandpa’s wine

Time Time 3 godz
Stopiń trudności Difficulty Medium
Rate Rate
Who hasn’t dreamt of a private vineyard, a wine cellar, or at least a wine rack in the kitchen or... Time to stop dreaming, roll up your sleeves and get down to work!


  • 5 kg Cukier Królewski white sugar (2 kg for the juice + 3 kg for the wine)

    5 kg Cukier Królewski white sugar (2 kg for the juice + 3 kg for the wine)

  • 20 kg grapes

    20 kg grapes

  • 1 pack wine yeast

    1 pack wine yeast

  • 1 pack nutrient

    1 pack nutrient


Step 1
Wash the grapes and process them in a steam juicer. Add 1 glass of sugar per 2.5 kg of fruit. 2.5 kg of fruit yields 3 l of juice; 20 kg of grapes will yield 24 l of juice.
Step 2
Add 3 teaspoons of sugar to 2/3 cup of hot boiled water and let it cool.
Step 3
Add yeast and a pinch of nutrient, let it stand for 3 days. Stir occasionally. If the mixture is foaming, it means that yeast is working and the process is normal.
Step 4
Scrub a wine jar thoroughly and disinfect it with a bit of alcohol.
Dissolve 3 kg of sugar in 3 l of water, pour it into the jar and let it cool. Add the juice, yeast and the remaining nutrient, cover with cotton wool and let it stand for 3–4 days at room temperature.
The jar should not be more than 3/4 full.
Step 5
When violent fermentation has ceased, insert a pipe and fill it halfway with water; let the jar stand for 6–8 weeks.
Step 6
When all fermentation has ceased, draw the wine by means of the pipe to another jar. Discard the sediment at the bottom.
Step 7
Repeat after 2 weeks.
Transfer the wine into wine bottles and fit the corks. If you want to keep the wine longer, pour some vodka or spirits into each full bottle (2 cm in the bottleneck).