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Apple pancakes

Time Time 20 min
Stopiń trudności Difficulty Easy
Rate Rate
Under the delicate pancake you will find a filling full of the aromas of summer orchards topped with the sweetness of caramel. A meal which is a dessert and a dessert which is a meal.


  • 4 tablespoons Cukier Królewski white sugar

    4 tablespoons Cukier Królewski white sugar

  • Cukier Królewski icing sugar

    Cukier Królewski icing sugar

  • 1 egg

    1 egg

  • 100 g melted butter

    100 g melted butter

  • 0.25 l lukewarm milk

    0.25 l lukewarm milk

  • 30 g yeast

    30 g yeast

  • 500 g flour

    500 g flour

  • half a teaspoon cinnamon

    half a teaspoon cinnamon

  • 4 apples

    4 apples


Step 1
Apple and cinnamon filling:
Peel apples, cut them into pieces and simmer in a pan with cane sugar, cinnamon and water until very soft.
Step 2
Mix the egg, salt and flour. Add milk slowly, whisking delicately with an egg whisk or a mixer (at low speed). Combine with cool, melted butter just before frying. Heat the frying pan, butter it slightly, pour one tablespoon of the batter mixture and spread it all over the pan. Fry until the edges stop sticking to the pan. Toss the pancake (you can use a spatula) and fry the other side for a while.
Step 3
In the meantime, you can prepare the caramel:
Melt cane sugar in the frying pan, add juice and rum. Cook and keep stirring until you get a homogenous, quite thick mixture.
Step 4
Spread the apple and cinnamon filling over the pancakes, roll them and cover with caramel. You can also top your pancakes with liquid chocolate or fruit syrup.